Possessed of a sordid and often tumultuous past, Markus Fidelis is in some ways a man of many contradictions. Eager to command respect but shunning formal authority, he is often possessed of a jovial carefree manner even when carrying out tasks that for most would warrant neither. It has been remarked upon to varying extents that perhaps he enjoys his work a bit too much. Indeed much of his behavior can be typified as a casual “devil-may-care” attitude that can turn dead serious in the blink of an eye; sometimes very much to the detriment of whomever he may be speaking with.

Born (as far as he knows) and raised aboard the Imperial Navy vessel the Adjudicator it was there he received a formal if basic education as a pilot, and continued to serve as a member of the crew for some years. Throughout this time he began to develop somewhat of a reputation as a delinquent. He found his true calling however working as a gunner; with a natural gift for it, he continued to serve aboard in that capacity with some distinction for a number of years until he parted company with the vessel. Though he does not speak of it, and never brings the topic to the front, his parting with his native vessel was not amiable. However if any record of the events leading up to Markus being stranded on Yasharin 3 exist, it is likely as a footnote in one of the Adjudicators logs.

Yasharin 3 was a typical hive world. Life was cheap, and the spoils belonged to those who could take them. Stranded and with few means, he fell headlong into a life of crime. Some years later, he “inherited” a small gang. Soon after, Markus began running a racket. Small time at first, eventually working his way up through ruthlessness and a penchant for evading too much notice. He accomplished all this by exploiting the rivalries and rampant paranoia amongst hiver gangs, and keeping his organization small. It was not meant to last, however, and after leaving one assailant dead and fleeing another in a confrontation that nearly cost him his life, he decided it was time for a quick fade.

Fortune favored him and he quickly signed on with a pirate crew and never looked back. It was here he first attracted the attention of the Adeptus Arbites. While unaware of the nature of their interest in him (or perhaps more accurately the full extent of their knowledge of his activities) he is none too eager to find out. Over the course of years, he has signed on with several other crews never staying in one place too long, until eventually signing on with the Rogue Trader Septimus Korona, in what is perhaps the most legitimate enterprise in his checkered career since his time on the Adjudicator.


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