Imperator Magna

Dauntless-Class Light Cruiser


  • Found adrift somewhere
  • Totally swiped for personal gain
  • Ready to do some badass adventures and shit.


Bridge Crew
  • Chief Pilot Favius Kull. Former Pilot of the ‘Heir of Macharius’, a Rogue Trader ship. Left behind as it punched out to avoid Inquisitorial attention. Kull isn’t aware of what his former captain may have done, but is intent on avoiding attention. He is gruff, terse, sullen, and occasionally insubordinate.
  • Assistant Pilot Kayla Gracchus is a former hive ganger. She’s glad to have made it out of whatever hive she’s from.
  • Assistant Pilot Obadiah Zim is also a former ganger, and more insubordinate than Kull is. Loves to fight, especially with Kayla.
  • Assistant Pilot Walker (of Legan Prime) An agriworlder with a flair for piloting, but no social skills and limited risk-assessment abilities.
  • Navigator None
  • Gunner Shiv About 38 years old. Convicted killer, covered in scars. Damn fine gunner.
  • Gunner Nick about 34 years old. Convicted killer, covered in scars. Damn fine gunner.
  • Gunner Usarker Koyle. Former Imperial Navy Petty Officer. 72 years old, but still full of energy.
  • Gunner Siva Lucent. Voidborn woman, approximately 26, very beautiful but very cold. Near venerated by Shiv and Nick, and Koyle thinks of her as a daughter.
Military Crew
  • Security Chief Lt. Colonel Tarkus Promen. Middle aged, both left arm and left leg have been replaced by bionics. He was wounded fighting against Orks on Kalifar. He bitterly hates the greenskins, and will advocate going out of the way to hurt them. Has a tendency to bite off more than he can chew. He’s very protective of his men, although he does aid in press-ganging when necessary.
  • Internal Affairs Officer Major Antonius Tola A bit of a sadist.
  • Sergeant Antonius Shin Squad leader of 2nd Squad, 1st Platoon. Very distrustful of Psykers and Xenos, as an Emperor-fearing man should be. Often the designated leader of Korona’s security detail.
  • Trooper Jenkins Cautious young soldier, typically follows Antonius in his duties.
Other Crew
  • Father Leveticus Constantine is an incredible zealot, not afraid to preach fire & brimstone upon cruelty, cowardice, heresy, laziness, corruption, or weakness. Immensely popular with the crew.
  • Adept Zethra Augustine, lead lexographer and remembrancer of the Librarium. A bit too enthusiastic about uncovering new information. Often used as the contact point for Astropathic messages from Sigmund.
  • Adept Calixa von Setra, Curatoress and Exchequer. Main advisor to Septimus on commercial issues, as well as coordinator of the factors employed by the dynasty.

Imperator Magna

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