Aleister Aud

Greetings compatriots, I have as you may know been tasked with forming a plan to break into the Aud Family Compound, Abduct Aleister Aud current head of the Aud family and finally extract him to a safe location in order for transfer. This is as you well know a complicated mission requiring a delicate balance between precision, timing, and judicious use of force. Make no mistake we are on a time frame here gentleman and will be even more so once we commence, I have several reason to believe this which I shall not go into though I am sure you can well imagine. Right well lets get on with it then I have as I said previously been tasked with outlining the steps needed to carry out our operation and below you will find a summary of the steps I believe and needed to ensure our success, and the reasons I believe they are necessary. I will do my best to be brief.

I have Requested and received authorization for a force of 80 soldiers on loan from the ships crew. I would have asked for more had I thought it practical given the parameters we shall be operating under but none the less believe that 80 soldiers will be sufficient for our purposes. Our purpose is to attack the Aud family compound and extract Aleister Aud safely I will go over the means which we will achieve this goal momentarily however first Aleister Is to be taken alive if possible, dead if need be but above all his head must be intact. NO HEAD SHOTS, I do NOT want to see so much as a scuff mark anywhere on his face or any other part of his cranium for that matter. THIS IS NOT NEGOTIABLE AND VIOLATION OF THIS RULE WILL BE SUBJECT TO PUNISHMENT OF THE HARSHEST KIND. All other concerns are secondary. The group of 80 men will be broken down into 5 squads each with a separate but equally important objective. You will be taken down planet side Via shuttle and will meet up and may have to lay low for a few hours or be escorted directly to our meeting point in the sewers the last of the details regarding this are still being hammered out. I will explain more later. The squads are and shall henceforth be referred to as A1,B2,CC,DD, and finally KY each of you will be addressed and given your respective assignments momentarily.

Squad A1, will consist of ten soldiers, squad B2 will also consist of ten soldiers, Squads CC,DD, and KY will each consist of 20 soldiers apiece. We will take our route through the sewers until we are next to the Aud family compound where we will bust a hole through to the complex with krak grenades. Krak Grenades will be supplied to several of our squads but primarily to B2 who will open our hole for us and then step back. As you can see from the floor plans our hole will be located roughly here. Our first objectives will be located here, and here the main stairwells to the first floor we will be as you can see on sub floor 2. The bulk of the enemies security force resides primarily on floor one above us. As you enter take down any security forces that and armed targets that may be present in a hail of gunfire and move in place to you objectives as quickly as possible. We will have the element of surprise but it is imperative that we secure those stair wells and take up defensible positions strategically around them A.S.A.P. let no one through. We are only interested in taking one prisoner in this mission gentleman factor that into your considerations. At this point kill armed targets first secure your objectives second all other concerns secondary.

The opposing security force will slightly outnumber our own and unfortunately will not be as divided as we must be by necessity to carry out our goal. Therefore we must keep them bottled up above us at all costs for this reason CC and DD will enter first once we’ve breached and take up their positions here and here. Following on their heels will be A1 who will take up position your task will be to guard the lift that goes from the first floor down to ours, you will be supplied with a small number of krak grenades use them sparingly your primary objective is to neutralize any opposing forces that may attempt to use the lift to circumvent the stairs and try to cause a disruption. Next up is squad B2, B2 as I outlined before will be carrying most of our krak grenades and it will be as you may have guessed by now your task to gain us entry at various points as well as help Secure Aleister Aud. Mr. Aud is our primary objective and the reason we are there he must be captured alive or with his head intact I cannot stress the importance of this enough all other considerations secondary.

Once CC and the DD’s are in place and A1 has entered into position and we are relatively secure B1 will enter the building and blow a hole through the floor here the spot closest too but not directly above Alesiter Aud’s bedroom. we cannot once again risk any undue injury to Mr. Aud. B2 will be accompanied by Myself, Yasha, and Sigmund who will lend our support and expertise in this endeavor once we have our objective secure we will head back to our entry point to the second sub floor and use our in place climbing equipment to gain our way back to the second sub floor once we have our target out of the building the other squads can begin their fighting retreat move quickly gentleman time is of the essence once we are out it will be squad KY who will be kept in reserve outside in the sewers near our entry points job to bring up the rear. KY with a completely fresh reserve of ammo will guard our retreat with our objective and discourage any pursuit. This will again be a fighting retreat once we have the target and our safely outside the building it will be our goal to put as much distance between ourselves and any pursuers as possible. Good luck to all of you. Any questions?

Aleister Aud

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