Imperator Magna

Beneath an Acid Sky (Part I)

++ Thought for the day: Knowledge is like wealth. It must be earnt, and it is not meant for the common man. ++

904.124/M41, Surface of Vikan VI.

Planet is a Type-HD Hive world, wreathed in an acidic poison fog. Ships records indicate a 4% increase in toxicity levels since 842/M41. Recommend rebreather units be utilized by shore parties.

The Captain and Explorator Irkovia, accompanied by Markus Fidelis and the Astropath (as well as Sergeant Antonius and his men) land at the Aud Prime spaceport without undue incident. Delegation was met by Korvin Aud and escorted into his office. Negotiations produce no possibility of acquiring necessary merchandise. Astropath Sigmund references some sort of anomaly in Aud offices.

Upon attempt to enter Valadrin Territory, party is met be armed officials of the Conglomerate. Violent incident renders Valadrin detail incapacitated. Captain not forthcoming with details of incident. Local authority escorts delegation to alternate locale. Resident commander offers possibility of trade and profit in exchange for service.

Crew has begun operations to prepare the Imperator Magna to receive cargo. Void Access hatch to aft tertiary hold has frozen, Enginseer Urbek has begun reconsecration ceremony to pacify the Machine Spirit. Taurus-class shuttle Virtue has been found to have a terminal failure in one of the engines, a potentially fatal issue. Emperor be praised that it was found before cargo operations began.

The Emperor Protects.

Zethra Augustine, Adeptus aboard the Imperator Magna.

Story begins

Agents on Olent have informed the master of the Imperator Magna of a desperate situation. It seems the planet suffered from a terrible Machine Plague that has devastated their agricultural machinery. The planetary governor has offered the title of Baron to any who can aid them in salvaging their situation by bringing at least 100,000 servomotivators as quickly as possible.

Responding quickly, the crew arrive in orbit over Vikan VI


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